Monday, November 28, 2005

14:57...14:58...14:59...15:00!!! Time's Up!!!

We interupt this Operational Hold to bring this photo of Cindy Sheehan waiting for people to worship her....

The media used to be careful to make it look like she had a crowd, even if there were only a few people there. Now, they don't care. The Left has MOVED ON.

Buh-bye, Cindy. Now maybe Casey can rest in peace without you using his casket as a soapbox.
UPDATE: Apparently, Cindy is pitching a hissy about these photos and claiming, get this, that it's a RIGHT-WING PLOT to make it look like she's lost her following of insane America-haters. Gee, she didn't have a problem when the media was closely cropping the frames to make her small gatherings look like a huge throng, so why is she - and her Lefty moonbat pals - suddenly shrieking that coverage is slanted?!?

Amazing what happens when the Left has the Truth about them revealed. They just can't handle the Truth!!!

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