Saturday, November 05, 2005

Dirkworld® Operational Hold Announcement.

Since I'm swamped with writing work and am taking a few days off to catch up, there won't be any updates until at least mid-week, next week. If you do the RSS thing, be sure to add my feed (available at right) to your list so as to be sure not to miss any important updates.

One thing that's been lost in the shuffle was a huge list of the lies of Joe Wilson and how the liberal media has been giving him a pass to promulgate the meme that his wife was outed by Scooter and the Darths - Rove and Cheney.

The Media Blog on National Review Online has been tracking this closely, so go check out how Wilson lied on Larry King and the rapidly-growing "Dishonor Roll" on liberal news outfits that blatantly repeat the Wilson meme in all denial of reality.

Everyone have a good weekend. Don't forget to vote against fascist Democrats (what you vote FOR is up to you). Comments are off (for real) and I'll see y'all next week.

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