Thursday, November 11, 2004

Don't Let The Door Hit You On The Ass On The Way Out!!!

The simpering, mewling, hypocritical sobbing of the Left continues on as detailed in the ABC News story, "Some Say America No Longer Feels Like Home", in which the pathetically immature twits who can't deal with being unable to lord liberal power over the rest of us weep and wail and book transit out of the U.S.

Sayonara! Buh-bye! See ya! You still here?

"After the election, my husband and I asked ourselves, 'How could our country be heading backward? How could so many people miss or choose to ignore the obvious failures of the Bush administration?'" the former Florida resident said.

During the lame years of the Clinton Regime, I don't recall any plans to flee the country from those disgusted that a plurality of the voters - remember: Clinton NEVER won a majority - would vote for such a corrupt schmuck, but whatever. Instead of quitting and running away, the GOP practiced some good old-fashioned politics and re-won power. Ain't nothing stopping the Dems from doing the same other than their ideas suck and no one supports them outside the blue counties.

I didn't vote for Dubya because of his failure to practice conservative principles, so I guess she's not complaining about me, but what she can't accept is that despite any qualms people may've had about Dubya, Kerry was so demonsterably worse an option, people held their nose and voted the lesser of two not-so-goods. You can't dismiss the fact that a hefty chunk of the electorate think Dubya is doing an A-OK job and reject the lies and fear of the Dems, too.

They say they feel the United States is changing in ways they do not like, and they feel powerless to stop it.

I'll bet they didn't care if conservatives didn't like the country dragged thru the mud by a weak-willed horndog who could've stopped everything but just fessing up.

"We were leaving anyhow, mostly because we want to start a family and we don't feel our children can get a decent education in the United States," said Brian Sinicki, of Laramie, Wyo.

Schools are under the control of the Democrats and the teachers unions, so this is ironic.

He said America's schools fail children by not teaching subjects like philosophy and civics, subjects that he said would give Americans not only a deeper understanding of the world, but an appreciation for why they should be more actively involved in the political process, not only voting but staying informed.

American kids can't f*cking READ, WRITE or FIGURE and he wants them to do philosophy?!? OK, fine....WHAT philosophy? Karl Marx or Ayn Rand? (Thought so.)

"Television I think has single-handedly destroyed the level of political discourse," he said. "When I talk to people about politics, they're either radically misinformed or they wouldn't know how to define the terms that they use."

This is true because whenever I speak out about the overbearing leviathan that is government and how it should be MUCH smaller and intrusive, I get called a "fascist". (Check a dictionary.) I suspect that's not what he meant.

she said her concern was more about the role Bush's religious beliefs seem to play in his governing, and the role of religion in American society — what she called "aggressive Christianity."

"There is this aggressive morality that seems to me to have nothing to do with Christianity," she said. "Our fathers were mostly Unitarians, not at all holy rollers."

You hear this a lot: Christianity has become TOO Christian and not New Age enough for thier sensitive tastes. "That Old Testament stuff is so medieval. Here, try my new lemon-scented God with less judgementalism and fewer carbs!", is what she'd probably prefer.

Here's where the "we're better than you are" stuff shows up:

She also said it feels like there has been a closing of the American mind.

"I can't understand when in our nation's history being an intellectual, having a questioning, curious mind, wanting to travel, became bad," she said. "I don't understand when it became stigmatized."

I'd like to ask her where the f*ck she gets off proclaiming herself so intellectually open-minded right after she slandered religion?

As evidenced by the hateful rhetoric of the campaign, liberals think anyone who doesn't toe their rigid ideological line are simply.....simple.

"I do love my country and it hurts me very deeply to see what's happening here, to see us so far off course," she said. "But I've met a lot of evangelicals and they believe it deeply. They'd rather vote for fetuses and against gay people, rather than voting against war, with thousands dead, against guns, which we know kill people. When you're talking about deeply held religious beliefs, you're out of luck."

As I was saying....

"I can no longer in good conscience support a nation that believes it is OK to lie to start wars," she said. "I will not live in a country where dumb and dumber are my two choices for president. I'm taking my assets out of the country and moving to Central America, where ironically, I will have more freedom to live my life without interference from a corrupt government. My husband and I will leave within four months."

If a Democrat gets elected in the next go around and/or the junta or whatever has a coup or she gets the runs, can we prevent her from coming back? Please?

"With the ban on gay marriage passing in so many states and the conservative agenda President Bush is taking, it doesn't feel safe in the U.S. any more," she said. "We are expecting that next year Bush will try to push the Federal Marriage Amendment Act through Congress again."

Now, I disagree with the FMA and considered it another demerit against Dubya for it's cynical political roots and blatantly anti-conservative Big Government interference in our lives, but to flee the country because it's going to go up for a vote shows the immaturity and catastrophic mindset of these dunderheads. If they still taught the Constitution, maybe she'd know that Dubya and the Congress are just the BEGINNING of the Amendment process, not the end.

As much as the Left likes to smear the Red States as the tip of the spear to exterminate gays, Oregon - one of those Blue States that they want to seceed to Canada passed their gay marriage proposal and I heard something on the radio (sorry, can't find the cite) to the effect that even in the Blue Counties of the Red States, the gay marriage issues passed.

Ponder that: The slur is that Red State people are homophobic animals, yet in Blue Counties, the majority also disapproves of gay marriage.

Huh? How can this be? Could it be that the Blue Counties aren't as socially advance as they hype themselves to be?


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