Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Declaration of Independence Unconstitutional?

It appears to be that way if the fascist principal of Stevens Creek School in Cupertino, CA has her way as detailed in "Declaration of Independence Banned at Calif School". In keeping with the liberal tenets of unmitigated bigotry against Christians - you may've noticed something about it in the comments by the Left following the Election - Patricia Vidmar has cracked down on Steven Williams for spreading his faith via the, get this, Declaration of Independence. Yep, cuz it mentions "God", the lil' kiddies must be prevented from being exposed to such superstition, lest they stop believing in government as the Almighty Power in their lives.

I wonder if Ms. Vidmar would mind if she stopped getting paid so that she didn't need to worry about all that "In God We Trust" hooey unsetting her?

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