Wednesday, November 24, 2004

About this Dan Rather business....

You may think that a blog that had it's share of Rathergate posts would be doing a big happy dance over the announcement that he's stepping down as anchor of the "CBS Evening Story Half-Hour", but what's to be happy about? He's leaving a full six months after his failed attempt at character assassination on Dubya; he's still going to be working on "60 Minutes II", the scene of his latest journalistic war crimes; and he's leaving without any acknowledgement of his malfeasance. If anything, this is just a slightly earlier retirement date for someone who was shuffling into the Gold Watch Sunset for quite some time.

The fact that a grunt producer who broke into the last five minutes of "CSI: New York" to announce that Yassir "Blow you up real good!" Arafat has begun his final descent into Hell got sacked within a few days while Rather (along with Mary Mapes) attempted to smear Dubya with phony forgeries in coordination with Team Kerry and the DNC shows what the priorities of CBS News are.

Scrappleface summed it up nicely with "Dan Rather Scrambles to Confirm Story of His Resignation":

(2004-11-23) -- Veteran CBS News anchor Dan Rather this afternoon said he was "scrambling like a gila monster on hot sand" to verify allegations that he will step down from his role on the CBS Evening News in March 2005.

"If this is true, I want to break this story," said Mr. Rather as he rushed from his office to track down a hot tip on the story. "I received a fax from a Kinko's in Texas indicating that I'm relinquishing the anchor desk, but we need to run this past several handwriting experts and get it fully vetted before we break into programming with the announcement."

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