Wednesday, July 08, 2009

CFE: Why Pay For Propaganda?

THE BACKGROUND: Techdirt has an item about "Why The Newspaper Paywall Will Fail" and this prompted these bon mots:

With the Treason Media's (as I call them) obscene cheerleading for the Obama Regime manifesting itself in blind stenography of whatever Dear Leader says no matter how false; the fundamental incuriousity about Dear Leader's college years, associations with crooks (e.g. Tony Rezko, Rod Blagovich) and terrorists (e.g. William Ayers, Bernadine Dornan), illegal fundraising; hypocrisy and bias in coverage (e.g. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were instrumental in pushing our economy into the abyss while reaping sweetheart deals from cronies they supposedly regulate, but, hey, that Republican is having an affair!); and brokering access between Administration honchos and fat cats, that they expect the people to pay to be lied to while they shill for the powerful elites whom they fellow travel with is to laugh.

These latter day Walter Durantys proclaim themselves to be objective reporters of what happens at the circus when they're f***ing the elephants (and donkeys.) Ever notice how many "reporters" are married to government power players, like Andrea Mitchell and Alan Greenspan for two? When they are literally in bed with the other side, what hope do the serfs, er, people have of knowing WTF is actually happening? Fascism - REAL fascism, not the stuff the statist wingnuts were accusing Dubya of doing - is being imposed on America and the watchdogs are lapdogs because they endorse this upending of our culture in favor of something more Soviet in style.

It's ironic that as a commenter on a blog I'm expected to provide links to my citations while the Treason Media presents their product as the Truth to be accepted on faith, no proof required. They say something is so and it is so! How dare anyone question the High Priests of the Temple?!?
I forgot to mention this beatdown of the idea the government can fund their propagandists because I was tired, but you can check it out yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Why are you so concerned about the Treason Media? Is it because you're so smart and the rest of us are so stupid? That we are so dumb that we can be fooled, but not you? I thought The Treason Media is collapsing. So what's the problem?

Anonymous said...

"Three words: F*ck Peggy Noonan"

Ha ha! I love Peggy Noonan - I recommend her book "What I Saw At The Revolution" - I read it twice, "liberal" that I am. You loved her when she was writing for Ronnie. Wha' happen? lol!

She was right on the money when she destroyed Palin in that piece. I never laughed so hard listening to Palin explain how she quit because she's not a quitter. Oh man, can it get any more surreal? That was some classic stuff, destined for the history books. I would love to hear your defense of Palin, but I already read Kristol so I know what you will say, parrot that you are. :)