Thursday, August 20, 2009

CFE: Dvorak's Commenters Are Dumber Than Digg's

THE BACKGROUND: Dvorak Uncensored had a self-proclaimed moderate (translation: liberal who know that liberals are rightly viewed as evil) posting some blather from an English writer bemoaning the supposed implosion of Republicans in the Enlightened Era of Obama. The comments were beneath even the subterranean level of Digg, prompting this retort:

The reason Obama and the Democrats are imploding - that's right, THE DEMOCRATS, NOT REPUBLICANS - is because the Left is so consumed with arrogance, hubris, a thirst for revenge, and elitist entitlement that they don't understand how the liberal fascist schemes of Obama & Co. are playing with those outside the self-reinforcing echo chambers of NY, LA, and SF.

Where would you sneering liberals be if Obama was John Edwards trying to advance the same totalitarian agenda? Hmmm? You tell yourselves the fairy tale (learned from MSNBC) that opposition is only because "scared Whitey is afraid of losing their stuff and power" but for the poll numbers to match the actual vote totals, it would have to assume that the White Devil voted for Obama in November and is back to their Klan robes now. Huh?

In a country where Oprah (black woman) is a secular deity telling people how to live and what books to read; white kids want to be rap stars (mostly black men); the most popular athletes are black; the biggest movie star is Will Smith (black man); liberal morons (redundant, I know) are convinced that everyone is just like the people in "Crash", racist at best; genocidally racist, more likely.

Obama got elected by a frightened and ignorant public who bought the whitewashed (no pun) facade that Hopey Changerson would be a unifier who didn't see us as "red states and blue states." The Stupid Party (as I call the woeful GOP) had pissed off their base with crazy spending (which is small beer compared to the Omaba/Pelosi/Reid deficits) and lackluster leadership and campaigns. Many voted for Obama to absolve themselves of any appearance of racism, though I think many thought they going to get David Palmer from "24", not this Marxist Chicago machine thug who has taken corruption to unseen levels, not that you liberals can acknowledge the truth of your man.

Instead of leading as a purple state President, Obama has ruled as a tyrant unilaterally - "I won" - and has nationalized two-thirds of the domestic auto industry, handed hundreds of billions of payoffs to his Wall Street and union cronies, loaded his Administration with tax cheats, scofflaws and racialist anti-Constitutionalists who will remake the fundamental structure of this country by fiat and you Brownshirts couldn't be happier.

You people make the regurgitating parrots at Digg look like Oxford debaters. Your hatred of anyone to the left of Marx seethes in your posts and your bullying attitudes belie any specious claims about how supposedly "crazy" the conservatives are.

You aren't protesting the wars anymore, proving it was never about war and all about hating Dubya. You aren't upset that Obama has expanded surveillance under the Patriot act because it was never about privacy and all about hating Dubya. You don't care that Obama has doubled unemployment and quadrupled the deficit over Dubya's worst stats because it was never about fiscal responsibility and all about hating Dubya.

Europe is moving back to the right as they realize that the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money (Margaret Thatcher) while America is being run a full throttle off the cliff of socialist liberal fascism. And you idiots couldn't be happier about it and are ready to yank your Chatty Cathy strings and bray, "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACISTSSSSSSSSS!!!!", at anyone who dares question Dear Leader. Even the fact that the Obama/Joker image was made by a Palestinian-American didn't stop you from blaming the mythical Angry White Male for it.

I now leave you to resume your self-reinforcing circle jerk of genuine hatred and ignorance.
Immediately, someone's knee jerked predictably:
# 23 Phydeau said, on August 20th, 2009 at 6:45 am

#19 Dirk “aptly named” Belligerent: Whoa dude… obsessed about race much? Copy/paste from right-wing blogs much?

Example #4,743 of wingnut meltdown. Thanks, Dirk.
Too easy....
#23 - Live in your liberal fart recycling chamber much? Cling to your stereotypical views of who's a racist much?

News flash, Sparky: It's YOU who is the racist, not me. It's YOU who sees nothing but skin color and acts accordingly. I called out the cognitive dissonance of you unhinged liberals and you had no response other than to resort to ad hominem and calling me the racist.

I'm sure the black woman with whom I had a business with and the black guy who is one of my best friends would be surprised to hear about my pathologies as diagnosed by the likes of you. Raff.

As I said right at the top of my post, "Where would you sneering liberals be if Obama was John Edwards trying to advance the same totalitarian agenda?" If a white Marxist liberal fascist was trying to advance this agenda and people rose against them, what would you do without your race card to play? Have you failed to notice that Nancy Reid and Harry Reid, the ones crafting the legislation that Dear Leader will only be signing are WHITE? They're getting protested even more than Obama, so is it because white people are afraid of them because they're white?

Yeesh. I don't even know why I bother to point out the doublethink you bozos operate under. It's not as if you'll suddenly wake up and realize how stupid you are and stop visually inspecting your colons.

Of course, Obama's greatest triumph was to tailor a one-syllable mantra for his sub-literate followers to latch on to. HOPE! CHANGE! We've gone from the Federalist papers to t-shirts. Can we sucker guilty liberal racists? YES, WE CAN!!!!
I see someone else visited here and took one look at the links and judged me unworthy of consideration because as the MSNBC race-mongers have told them, it's the non-liberals who are racist. *cough*

Since I've got actual work to do unlike the unemployed losers of the Left, I can't waste more time tussling with close-minded fools.

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You're not racist, you just hate everybody.