Tuesday, May 12, 2009

CFE: Stupid Party Is Stupid

THE BACKGROUND: Red State had an item slagging the national GOP for backing a liberal, whoops, "moderate" candidate (Charlie Crist) over a supposedly genuine conservative (Marco Rubio) and bemoaning how this is more selling out of the Party's conservative base. In response to a comment about how the Stupid Party has learned nothing from the past two electoral cycles, I exponded:

The "leaders" of the Stupid Party have totally swallowed the Treason Media's meme that the reason they've been losing is because they've become "too right wing" and the party has been "hijacked by religious fanatics." WRONG! The reason the Stupid Party loses is because they offer nothing to CONSERVATIVES to vote FOR!

I came to the realization that in the six Presidential elections I've voted in, I have never voted FOR the Republican candidate. It has always been an anti-Dem or third-party vote.

1988: Voted Bush 41 as Reagan's third term.

1992: Voted Perot because Bush had failed and I believed the codswallop Perot was peddling. (That I was so easily sold this charlatan gave me insight into the Obama herd's blind gullibility.)

1996: Voted Dole because he wasn't Clinton.

2000: Voted Dubya because he wasn't Gore.

2004: Voted Libertarian because Dubya had failed to be conservative and I knew he was unable to articulate why the GWOT was important. His pathetic "turn the other cheek" responses to the Dem smears proved my suspicions. We can blame the Treason Media for Obama's rise, but the country wouldn't be in the mood for an elegant Marxist dictator if they weren't totally fed up with the Stupid Party.

2008: Voted Palin, but she wasn't actually running, so it was McCain as a "not Obama" vote.

Liberals/socialists/Marxists/fascists/statists have the Democrats to speak for them, but who speaks for conservatives? The Stupid Party? When they cynically back career pols like Specter, Chaffee, Crist, etc. over and over, it leaves freedom-cherishing people like us screwed over and with little choice but to go along or stay home and when we stay home, evil people like Obama win.

I had hoped that 2008 would be a clarifying year in which we could get a read as to whether the people wanted to be free men or serfs, but with a pinkish "moderate" squish (whose only real goal was to deny other Republicans the nomination) on one side and a true deep red Marxist on the other side, the liberal won and the TM-promulgated meme that the SP needs to move left to be relevant was furthered.

Since we've already seen that running RINOs is a losing plan, how about running some true blue conservatives and seeing what happens?!? If they lose, then the meme-pushers will have a legitimate "told ya so" moment instead of the specious spin. Too bad the Stupid Party's "leadership" is guzzling Treason Media Kool-Aid and can't think anymore.


Anonymous said...

Please run some "true blue conservatives" and banish your party to complete irrelevance. Sorry wingnut, but you evolution hating backwards ass neanderthals are being consigned to the dustbin of history. Ta!

Dirk Belligerent said...

It's amusing how the unhinged liberal-fascist-statists keep vomiting their evolution canard as if anyone not goose-stepping to their anti-God beat is a snake-handling, "young Earth"-believing yahoo. Sorry, but it's your side that exhibits fanatical religious belief in disproven junk "science", namely ManBearPig. When the afternoon high on a mid-May day is 61F and the Sun is at its lowest ebb in ages, to cling to the hysterical Apocalyptic fantasy that the Earth is on fire is the mark of someone who doesn't pay attention to science. Buh-bye!

Anonymous said...

"unhinged liberal-fascist-statists keep vomiting their evolution canard as if anyone not goose-stepping to their anti-God beat"



PWNED! Even the Pope thinks you're ignorant! :)

Dirk Belligerent said...

Gawd, you are a moron. You're so infatuated with the look of your pixels on your screen, you keep burbling the same bullsh*t even when called out and smacked down. Let me splain it to you:

You post that conservatives hate evolution and then post an atheist site's item about the Pope saying evolution exists. So busy congratulating yourself you are, you missed one crucial fact...

I never said anything indicating that evolution didn't exist. Also, so stupid are you, you don't even realize that by invoking someone secular f*cktards like you normally despise (the Pope), you are showing how your original statement was only so much fertilizer.

You're a joke, but so are most unhinged liberals. You beclown yourself with your every post. I don't have to dredge up examples of how stupid you people are when you keep rushing to offer them yourself.

Ironically, your inability to rise above your primitive animal impulses shows that the only person here with a problem with evolution is....

YOU!!!! XD