Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kiss Your Piggy Bank Goodbye Lest You Offend the Religion of Peace.

Europe is in the process of committing cultural suicide as it is being overrun by unassimiliated Muslims. Poisoned by liberalism and multiculturalism, they simply can't bring themselves to suggest to immigrants that perhaps the newcomers should adapt to their new surroundings, preferring to cut their own throats in the hopes that the new neighbors won't be aggrieved into do it to them.

Leading the way is the Netherlands where...

Knorbert the piglet has been dropped as the mascot of Fortis Bank after it decided to stop giving piggy banks to children for fear of offending Muslims.

The decision has been viewed in the Netherlands as the ritual slaughter of a popular pig by political correctness. To some, it is the latest sign of uncertainty in Europe's most tolerant country about how far it should go to accommodate the sensitivities of minorities. It comes as the country is braced for a backlash against the plans of Geert Wilders, a right-wing politician, to release a critical film about the Koran.

Pigs are considered an unclean animal by Muslims and Jews, and Knorbert was culled after seven years as the Fortis mascot. A spokesman told the Dutch media that “Knorbert does not meet the requirements that the multicultural society imposes on us”. The bank added that there had been “a number of reactions to the pig” and that a new gift and character were being developed that would be “fun for children of any persuasion”. Children who had received a Knorbert piggy bank for opening a EuroKids account will be given a junior encyclopaedia instead.
Anyone else spot the irony of "Europe's most tolerant country" bending over and grabbing their ankles for a specific group out of fears that a mascot and piggy bank may not be, you know, TOLERATED?!?

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