Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dirk's Dish Du Jour: Avril LaVigne

Remember that annoying little snot-nosed Canadian mall-punker who broke thru in 2002 with peppy tunes such as Sk8ter Boi" and "Complicated". Her follow-up album sounded like she'd been listening to too much Evanescence and her latest is good except for a lot of really gratuitous profanity - do we need to hear her declare that she's "a motherf***ing princess" like a gangsta rapperette? Her fashion style, if you can call it that, was a neck tie over a wife-beater and it was a shock when she got married to Sum41 frontman Derrick Whibley in a Vera Wang gown. As she's grown older, she's been dressing less like a ragamuffin, but hadn't really hit the level of "HAWT" for me, even when she was posed topless on the cover of Blender with a big text box over her chest with her quote, "Hell yeah, I'm hot!"

Until now...

I got the new Maxim - the lad mag that allows celebrity chicks to sex up their images without getting as naked as Playboy would require - yesterday and she's the featured cover babe. Ho-hum. She's getting prettier now that she's wearing makeup and decent clothes and isn't jailbait anymore (she's 23 now), but I wasn't prepared to see that she's developed into one fine hottie!

Yowza! Check out the spread here. Avril TheVigne - welcome to the To Do List!

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