Monday, November 12, 2007

Why It Sucks To Be Me.

This is what greeted me as I left Hermione's house in Detroit to go to work about an hour ago:

I'm sure that this larceny was no more than a reaction to 400 years of slavery and oppression and a pittance compared to the reparations I should be paying for a lifetime of White Skin Privilege. Yeah, that's what happened. Justice.

UPDATE (11/13): They sent a pair of cute lady cops to take my report. One looked like pro beach volleyball player Misty May and the blonde looked like she should be working in a tanning salon, not packing heat on the ghetto streets of tha D. I wonder if they get stuck with all the little property crime stuff or whether they also kick down the doors of crack houses. If I was remaking "Cagney & Lacey", they'd look like these two.

I was expecting to have to get it towed to a dealership and they were saying it'd be a day or two to get the wheels ordered and in, but my insurance company claims person told be they had a deal with a tire supplier to bring out replacement wheels and put them on in the drive. Of course I opted for that, but doesn't it seem odd that the dealership doesn't have wheels in stock but this tire place does? The body shop guy at the dealer found that interesting as did some people at my work. Will somebody be getting my wheels on their car because theirs got jacked? Hmmmm.

It was a busy night for the thieves. The blonde cop told me another car of the same model got tagged a couple of blocks down the street and the towing company said they had three calls in the neighborhood themselves. I had a hard time sleeping thru the night last night. I usually sleep so deeply, someone could steal me without my noticing.

That's life in tha D. Having a "thug maya" encourages thug crime that's surely hitting blacks and whites alike. Too bad political correctness excuses these parasites. This is what Bill Cosby is talking about. Too bad Sharpton is viewed as more a moral authority, despite his record of lying and inciting hatred. Fortunately, not all blacks are happy with Al and Jesse speaking for them. We'll be able to get along sometime after you stop stealing people's stuff, yo.


Anonymous said...

Karma's been hitting you especially hard lately, hasn't it?

Dirk Belligerent said...

Ah, the kind-hearted and charitable Anonymous Pussy returns to laugh at the misfortunes of others after swearing he'd never darken Dirkworld again. Couldn't enjoy your schadenfreude without sharing, eh?

Sorry, Bub, but sometimes life sucks. I've lived a good life of good deeds, but it's not always roses. Bad things happen to good people. Sh*t happens. What's annoying is when hate-filled f*ckers like you seem to glide along without suffering the consequences of your foul deeds. Guess you'll have to wait for your eternity in Hell to have your account balanced. Enjoy what time you've got on Earth, cuz the next act is going to be much longer and less pleasant.

Oh, well. Life ain't fair. The difference between us is that you look to fascism to provide you succor while I just try my best to get along in a world with thieves and the likes of you in it.

Ta, bitch!

Anonymous said...

I understand your confusion, because it does seem to defy logic that more than one person reads and or posts to your blog, but I haven't partaken of your comment section in well over a year, if not longer.

I've never promised to post here again; I simply stopped posting soon after you started moderating comments. You aren't capable of engaging in discussion without whipping up some strawmen and setting fire to them. Your reply to my admittedly mean snipe illustrates this perfectly.

It can't be that I find a certain amount of humor in you being victimized and immediately blaming the darkies, it's got to be that I'm a hateful fascist (responsible for foul deeds, no less!) who's destined to burn in hell.

How about this: you've got a hateful and twisted worldview where everyone who doesn't think exactly like you is a dememted monster that needs to be destroyed. You seem incapable of empathy. Your recent travails would elicit sympathy from me if they happened to almost anyone else, but in the case of someone as craven as you, it amuses me to laugh at your misfortunes.
I'm petty like that.

Dirk Belligerent said...

Ah, the old liberal trope that people who don't share in their fascist-socialist views are obviously meanieheads who are looking to round everyone into camps. Raff!

Nevermind that it's the Left who has ushered in Orwellian speech codes; thought crimes, er, hate crimes; vicious anti-Christian bigotry that's only matched by their anti-Semitism (which would make a Nazi blush); it's the non-liberals who are the ones trying to extinguish dissent.

Do the Treason Media letters pages give equal time to non-liberal views or do they load up with "Yeah! What you guys said! +1!!!" echoes from the parrot gallery? (Duh.) I have no problem with posting most comments - particularly those which illustrate the hateful madness of people like you and your fellow travellers - but commenters are afforded no right that their off-topic or particularly vile screeds be aired. The problem is that people like you are so busy projecting your rage upon others, you can't rationally discuss anything. You are the one who is behaving in the manner you accuse me of. Google "projection" and get a grip.

As for your attempt to smear me as a racist for "blaming the darkies", who else is roving thru Detroit stealing wheels? Aryan suburbanites like you? HA! White thieves have plenty of areas they can victimize where it is less likely that the resident of the home may own a gun and not be that concerned with the rules against the use of deadly force in protecting property. Gunshots are a regular background sound effect in the neighborhood. It ain't the Klan running over from Grosse Pointe.

I was IM-ing a co-worker while waiting for my new wheels to be delivered. Here's a snip:

[12:15] dirkbelig: Just talked to the tow company and they said I'm the third call they had in the area. Someone's Escalade got heisted.
[12:22] McHatin': at least they only took yer tires
[12:22] McHatin': had to be them darkies.
[12:22] McHatin': white people dont' steal
[12:22] McHatin': lolracismlol

He's a black man.

Another black co-worker who lives close by commiserated that his car was stolen. Not much blaming Whitey from him about that one. They must be racists, too! A black guitarist I knew was murdered mere hours after I bumped into him at the bar, ending his multi-racial black-Hispanic band. David Duke didn't kill him either.

Crime is crime and victims are victims. The big local crime story is about two amoral punk monsters who murdered, beheaded and burned the body of a man. Oh, yeah, they're white. Wheel thieves are just background noise - the cost of not being able to flee the sinking city of Detroit.

Liberal elitists like you insist on running life thru a PC filter that automatically rules out mentioning likely suspects. I've blogged about how a news report mentioned a string of bank robberies by a woman, but omitted mentioning the race of the suspect. How suicidal a society are we when we'd rather let criminals run free than risk offending f*cktards like you?

One day, you may surprise me by being able to stifle your bile long enough to post a dissenting comment that doesn't require tongs to handle. Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually present a sane face for extreme liberalism or does that Code Pink Kool-Aid vanquish civility?

I won't be holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Is this performance art? It has to be...

I say "You can't discuss without setting up strawmen", and you post a reply that doesn't address my post until the FOURTH PARAGRAPH, after classic Dirk ranting about "Treason Media" and Orwellian speech codes.

You are absolutely nuckin' futs.

Dirk Belligerent said...

And you are a bitter asstackler who is so consumed by rage and hatred for those who dare speak Truth against fascism and the treasonous Democrats who seek to impose it upon an enslaved nation. You can't help but provide endless shining examples of your rage in your irony-deficient puking of the self-promulgated myths of liberal compassion.

Aren't you concerned that the repeated airings of your incivility and righteous smackdowns I deal your lies will make you look like a crazy person or do the rest of your Can'tMoveOn.Argh fellow travellers not notice how harmful you are to the cause?

You are so crazed with anger, you can't even enjoy your schadenfreude without announcing it to the world. "Ha-ha! You got your tires stolen! Serves you right for daring speak against us! Neener! Neener!!!" Wow. Pretty mature, aren't you?

Just how do your comments affect your karmic balance? I'd hate to be anyone living in the same time zone as you when your account is balanced. Ouch.

Anonymous said...


Your ol' buddy AP, reporting for duty!

Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that I too am laughing at your misfortune!

I will also note that you are liar. You and I both know that you have refused to post my responses when I smack you down too hard. That is why I don't waste my time beating up on you anymore. Besides, it's too easy.

Let's see:

Treason Media? Check!

Fascist? Check! reference? Check!

Some things never change!!

Btw Dirky, did you get the news? The surge is working. We are winning! You are right and I was wrong. LOL!

Meet Abu Abed - Dirk's new friend!

Abu Abed, screaming and pointing his gun, charged at the crowd. "Qaida is better than me? I will show you!"

He held his gun high and quoted al-Hajjaj, a 7th-century ruler of Iraq, in a hoarse voice: "Oh, people of Iraq, I had come to you with two swords, one is for mercy which I have left back in the desert, and this one" - he pointed his gun at the crowd -"is the sword of oppression, which I kept in my hand.",,2208821,00.html

Dirk Belligerent said...

Oh, lookee, it's the *other* (ahem) Anonymous Pussy with his usual dispatches of American failure in Iraq even when the topic is larceny in Detroit. What a maroon!

Calling me a liar when he's been repeated show up as being factually challenged? Check!

Showing that nothing brings pleasure into his dark, empty, pathetic world than the misfortunes of others, whether it be war or tire theft? Bingo!

Claiming I don't post his retarded posts when I just did? Again! Yes, Sir!!!!

You know full well I stopped posting your missives of failure because you spammed them across totally unrelated posts. I repeatedly warned you about off-topic comments and you kept it up precisely to fabricate some pretense of "censorship" when I don't facilitate your poo-flinging. When the topic is some video, why should your gloating Failure of the Day posts be tacked up?

This funniest part about the *two of you* (wink, wink!) is that you are so high on your own manure supply that you don't realize how valuable you are in my efforts to warn people of the dangers of morons like you who live in a fantasy land of self-loathing and desire to see America turned into a province of the New Global Caliphate.

In a safer, simpler time, people like you were amusing diversions with your tinfoil hat conspiracies, but in a time of war against a murderous ideology seeking to enslave and murder us all - and that includes YOUR stupid ass - you cease to be funny and become a dangerous cancer that must be neutralized with facts and reality.

Your sick pleasure at the losses of others is noted and posted for all to see. Further nastiness and off-topic comments will be round-filed because they contribute nothing to the discourse. As I told you, er, the other AP (yeah, that's the ticket), if you could control your Tourette's to the point where you could possibly be taken seriously, I'd gladly debate the topics.

We both know that it'd be a waste of time because you refuse to accept anything but negative news. If Hillary! came out and announced that the surge succeeded, you'd call her a neocon warmonger, wouldn't you? (Are you Ron Paul?) Your entire identity is invested in American failure. How sick is that? The Treason Media didn't report about the stretch in October where ZERO servicemen were killed, not that you would've believed it. Do you idiots think the sword of Islam will spare you because you're sympathetic to totalitarian thugs?

Buh-bye, loser.