Friday, November 16, 2007

Dems "Diversity" Summed Up Tidily.

Liberals like to spew the myth that they are "diverse" and "tolerant" while enforcing strict ideological conformity by force of speech codes and whatnot. In a throwaway Corner post, Jonah Goldberg echoes my attitude thus:

Anyhow, here we have the GOP field: a pro-choice, pro-gay rights, etc, etc, is the frontrunner in the national polls. The frontrunner in the New Hampshire and Iowa polls, is a former pro-choice Mormon, former governor of one of the most famously liberal states whose healthcare policies are reminiscent (at the state level) of Hillary Clinton's. Then there's John McCain, a pro-campaign finance reform, industry regulating, and amnesty supporting opponent of tax cuts who not long ago graced the cover of the New Republic as perhaps the best nominee the Democrats could have. Fred Thompson opposes the human life amendment, but is a supporter of a states' rights approach to abortion. The rising star on the right is Mike Huckabee who displays little love for the free market, and considerable love of tax hikes. His feelings toward federalism seem to be the opposite of Thompson's. Oh and there's that Ron Paul guy who has the support of many of the most fired up activists and he wants to pull-up America's stakes around the globe and cut the size of government by 18 trillion percent.

But, ah yes, the Democratic Party is the party of real diversity — defined as a black, an Hispanic, a Southern white guy, and a woman who all believe pretty much the exact same thing.
What he leaves out is the aspect that one of the biggest reasons the Stupid Party isn't assured of defeating the bitter, criminal, radical Evita that is Hillary! is that real conservative voters find many of the Stupid Party candidates liberal positions to be deal-breakers for supporting them. While Hillary! makes the least amount of moonbat noises thanks to a well-honed ability to lie like a rug, the Stupid Party field is populated with weak cheese doofuses who all want to claim the mantle of Reagan without actually sharing the principles. This is a very sad time for our Republic.

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