Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pork & Defeat: The Dems Breakfast of Losers

Hugh Hewitt sez:

Reid's threat provides a great moment of clarity about the Democrats' deep investment in defeat. The prospect of the emerging stability in Iraq is so unsettling to the left that the Democrats will openly urge a cut-off of support for the troops in order to sabotage victory, even as they pile spending and taxes to the sky.

The president needs to keep the vetoes coming, and the GOP needs to keep the spotlight on the Democrats demand that the U.S. lose a war it is winning. Rarely does such an obvious and deep divide open in American politics, but the Democrats have been fully captured by their hard left faction, and the results are impossible to disguise or their implications to avoid. No Congress has ever refused to fund troops that are in a war, but this is a radical Congress led by radical Democrats about to nominate a radical candidate for the presidency.
I know all about the insane fascist-liberals who can't restrain their glee over every soldier's death because they see political power flowing in that blood. Too bad the Stupid Party seems to have no one to offer in opposition to stand for a full package of real conservative values.

Hermione and I were discussing the sorry Presidential race the other day when I asked her, "As evil as the Democrats are, have you heard me talking up any Republicans?

she replied.

In a nation of 300 million people, these bozos are the best we've got to choose from? Gah!

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