Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Revisionist History: Antiwar myths about Iraq, debunked.

I've barely had time to drink my morning coffee, much less post it, but here's a quick hit for the nutcases who keep yelping "BUSH LIED!!! PEOPLE DIED!!!", not that these folks have any interest in facts and Truth.

Iraqis can participate in three historic elections, pass the most liberal constitution in the Arab world, and form a unity government despite terrorist attacks and provocations. Yet for some critics of the president, these are minor matters. Like swallows to Capistrano, they keep returning to the same allegations--the president misled the country in order to justify the Iraq war; his administration pressured intelligence agencies to bias their judgments; Saddam Hussein turned out to be no threat since he didn't possess weapons of mass destruction; and helping democracy take root in the Middle East was a postwar rationalization. The problem with these charges is that they are false and can be shown to be so--and yet people continue to believe, and spread, them. Let me examine each in turn:
School yourselves in what the Left is still lying about. You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Yet, Dirk, you rally against Dubya. Ther Libertarians are never taking power, so the left will win in November.

Dirk Belligerent said...

As great a failure as Dubya has been, it's almost sad how the Left refuses to attack him on the issues he's genuinely weak on; preferring to attack relentlessly with the Big Lies on Iraq (he lied), 9/11 (he made it happen), etc. What used to be considered insane is now the mainstream of Leftist thought.

The Left is counting on the steady pounding of their allies in the Treason Media to cement distrust of Team Dubya and the Stupid Party, but instead of calling them out on their non-conservatism and surrender of our borders, language and culture (to borrow Michael Savage's creed), they keep on the Big Lie tip and investigate oil companies instead of explaining supply and demand to the ignorant.

I've never harbored any illusions of the Libertarian Party attaining any sort of political success. That's why I state that I'm a small-L libertarian. I voted Libertarian as a protest against the useless Stupid Party and if you tour the blogosphere, you'll see a lot of "yes, our side is pathetic, but it'd be even worse if the Dems take over" talk. A return to power of the Dems would usher in the last days for Western Civilization and probably the death of America...

Unfortunately, the Stupid Party is so far gone, a vote for them is a vote for the end of civilization to come a little bit slower.

Thanks for bumming me out.