Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Illegal Alien-Loving Stupid Party Alienates Sane Americans

Man, this is depressing stuff to read and report, but Team Dubya seem to be on a self-destructive course to alienate any remaining diehard supporters they may still have. It's not depressing from a personal political angle - I gave up on these losers ages ago - but if their remaining base comes to the conclusion that the Stupid Party is no longer interested in doing their jobs, they'll stay home in November and the fascist Democrats will seize power and proceed to destroy this country.

As disastrous as that would be for America, the Stupid Party has become too odious to support, even as an anti-fascist-Dem vote. Nice going, dumbasses. When a rock-ribbed conservative as John Derbyshire is saying:

This thing about our govt. colluding with Narcistan — sorry, I mean Mexico — to keep the flow of illegal immigrants coming, is the last straw. Either our govt. is criminally incompetent, or else it is maliciously hostile to ordinary American citizens. Or both.

I kept my mouth pretty well shut when the splendid whack-'em'upside-the-head assault on Iraq turned into a ludicrous and apologetic "nation-building" exercise. I bellyached in a restrained fashion at the Harriet Miers farce. I kept my grumbling over Medicaid, the budget bloat, and border security at a decently low volume. This one, though, I can't take.

I can't think of a single thing to say in favor of the national Republican party, its senators, representatives, governors, and administration. I can't think of a single reason why, right now, I should vote for any of them.

I could never vote for the liberal mob; but if a conservative third party comes up between now and 2008, they'll have my full attention — likely my money and my vote, too. We are on the last page of Animal Farm here; I can no longer tell the men from the pigs.
Michelle Malkin slices and dices the DHS explanation, saying that DHS stands for "deny, hedge, spin":
This White House has another burgeoning debacle on its hands. And it's not the Daily Bulletin or conservative bloggers' fault. I would highly recommend that blind Bush supporters not attack the reporter as some sort of NYTimes liberal ideologue. Those who have followed their excellent journalism over the years know that the Daily Bulletin and its reporters in the trenches have been at the forefront of border and immigration enforcement reporting.

Message to apologists: Stop blaming the messengers. It's only going to make those poll numbers you worry so much about worse.

Message to the White House: Stop blaming the messengers. Do us all a favor by ending this travesty and apologizing. And please don't fire Mario Martinez for telling the reporter the truth.
Coincidentally, the Cato Institute's Daily Commentary says "Where There Is No Vision, the People Perish", looking at the collapse of the Stupid Party from the libertarian persepective:
Last week I turned on NPR and heard some crazy woman ranting "We have two oilmen in the White House. The logical follow-up from that is $3 a gallon gasoline. It is no accident; it is a cause and effect, a cause and effect." Then the next morning I watched CNN and discovered that the ranting woman was Nancy Pelosi.

So it's hard to summon up hope that libertarians might find common cause with the Democratic party.

But the Republican party doesn't seem very inviting lately, either.

As one astute commentator said recently: "The Republican Party in Washington is in trouble not because it's overrun by crooks, but because . . . it has degenerated into a caricature of the party that swept to power 11 years ago promising to take on the federal bureaucracy and liberate the creative genius of American society."

And Tony Snow was right.

Along with all the snowballing fiscal problems that David Frum cites, I would add the very discouraging rise of nanny-statism on both right and left. This takes many forms—Clinton was famous for "I feel your pain and I have a program for it." Bush II responded with "compassionate conservatism" and "We have a responsibility that when somebody hurts, government has got to move." Both conceptions offer a sweeping mandate for the federal government, one never envisioned by the Founders nor even by FDR. They combine Progressivism with Prozac.
Make sure to read the parts were Al Gore and Andy Card speak of government as a caring parent or grandparent, the yutzes. [mad face]

All in all, the people are screwed royally. The GOP used to be semi-useful as, at minimum, a bulwark against Democratic fascism, but they no longer provide even that utilitarian function. The only reason talkers like Rush and Hannity - and to a lesser degree, Ingraham and Bennett - aren't calling for a top-to-bottom purge of Congress and the White House is because the alternative - fascist Democrat rule - is so much worse.

If you think it can't get worse under the Dems, you haven't been paying attention or are ignoring reality. Unfortunately, the Stupid Party has become so pathetic that to cast a vote for them, even in an anti-Dem move, is no longer a viable option because given a choice between these losers and the 1994 version of the Republicans, today's pander bears are unacceptable.

Now that we're all depressed, here's a token to cheer you up and to make up for the lack of DDDJ's for the past few days. Since the Treason Media keeps lying about "immigration reform", it bears repeating that the Minutemen aren't trying to keep LEGAL immigrants out, just the invaders that Team Dubya is now providing aid and comfort to.

An example of a legal Mexican immigrant?

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