Saturday, May 27, 2006

Eric In Wonderland

Today's reading is Eric Alterman's screed in The Nation, Time Is on Their Side in which he regurgitates the insane notion that the fascist Left holds that the Treason Media is too right-wing and that they need to balance the mean words of the non-fascists with more truthiness.

Translation: Silence voices of freedom and replace them with true believers in the Left's Divine Right.

Note that he bases his charges in the assumptions that animate the Left - Dubya lied, global warming is real, chickens make good pets, consensual heterosexual sex is rape, etc. - and thus believes that any opposing viewpoint is a sign of conservative hate and must be silenced.

That's the difference between freedom-loving conservatives and the fascist liberals: We are willing to argue the issues and back up our positions with facts; they scream like babies and won't even consider the basis for their rigid dogmas - they think it and that's the end of it. Period. Talk to the hand.

F*cking babies. Too bad the Stupid Party and Team Dubya have mutated into them with this America-destroying amnesty scheme. Pray that the conservatives in the House can derail this train to oblivion.

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