Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You Doing a Heck of a Job, Jenny G!!

Michigan's unemployment rate leaps into double-digits, at a nation-leading 10.6%, over three points higher than the national rate. Michigan has been in a one-state depression for years, lagging behind when the nation's economy was improving, and not leading the downward plunge that the Democrats' fiscal shenanigans have wrought.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm is a hype act so dazzling when she was first elected that people were seriously talking about changing the Constitution to allow this Canadian interloper to run for President. Within a couple of years, she was so obviously a failure that such talk ended, but what did the Stupid Party do? They ran a stiff, awkward, rich, white guy (Dick DeVos) who was a very successful businessman (Amway) but was easily taken down by the most vanilla class-warfare tactics Jenny and the Dems could use against him. "You don't want a rich guy to be Governor, do you?" was the totality of their argument and he, being a typical weak sister, just sighed and murmured that he was "disappointed" that Jenny would say mean things about him and LOST!

Sound familiar? That's the Stupid Party playbook: Run a decent, but timid chump who can't bring himself to loudly fight back when smeared by the Dems, who then loses. Nice guys finish last. Cheaters always win. The Dems cheat and thus win.

And we lose.

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