Thursday, December 18, 2008

The UAW Bailout In 1000 Words.

While this slags the Detroit Three (formerly the Big Three, not to be confused with the Furious Five) and leaves the greedy bastards of the UAW unscathed, it's pretty funny.

Hardy-har, right? Now try laughing after you read about the UAW’s gold-plated golf course. Still laughing? My friend just got cashiered from his gig at one of these companies due to the cutbacks thanks to the Democrats fiscal treason. Since the public was ignorant and afraid, they voted in MORE Dems last month, so it's only going to get worse. Yay, democracy! Pffft.

UPDATE: Unlike the pitiful commenter who embarrasses himself badly in the Backtalks, cartoonist Michael Ramirez sees the UAW's culpability in the Detroit Three's dire straits:


Anonymous said...

The Democrats fiscal treason? Are you on drugs or just a total idiot? They are all scumbags with their hands in your pocket. This is the second time you have mentioned the UAW and not one mention of executive compensation and blundering? You are and will always be a worker bee and yet you go after your fellow workers while ignoring those at the top. Do you imagine yourself as a big time exec or is this some sort of displaced self-loathing? What a toolbox you are, identifying with those who stick the knife in your back and laugh at how dumb you are to support them.

Dirk Belligerent said...

Democrats like Barney "My boyfriend worked for Fannie Mae" Frank and Chris "Countrywide gave me a special VIP mortgage that I don't have to release the papers for" Dodd sowed the seeds of the global financial meltdown by making sure no one regulated their cronies on Wall Street. Jenny "The Mole" Granholm presided over a one-state Depression in Michigan when times were better elsewhere in the country and now has an unemployment rate approaching 10%. The unions fund the Dems exclusively, which is ironic considering how many of their rank-and-file members are on the streets thanks to the sellout of their leaders to their pals in Congress. Don't forget that unions are little more than money-collecting fronts for organized crime, so any illusions that this is the late 19th Century and sweatshops still exist should be disabused forthwith.

Of course, such inconvenient truths are of little interest to barking lapdogs of liberal fascism such as yourself. "EVIL EXECUTIVES!!! GREED!!! Real easy to shriek, but totally unrelated to reality. Who is adding thousands of dollars of costs to American cars? The union legacy costs and lard and Federal regulations. Notice that none of the transplant car builders are begging for money - why is that? Because they aren't tied down to unrealistic union contracts. Duh.

You are so consumed with anti-capitalist idiocy, you don't even make sense. (Again, duh.) I didn't go after my fellow workers, you doofus; I targeted the politicians and union thug bosses who have sold them out. Sure, they shouldn't blindly follow the union bosses commands to pull the donkey lever, but that partially due to the myth that the Dems are the "party of the working class" when the truth is they only serve the monied elites and fellow oligarchs. Witness Princess Caroline Kennedy demanding she be crowned Senator from NY (at least Hillary! ran for the office) and the rampant corruption in Obama's Illinois.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, the Republicans had nothing to do with the mortage meltdown. Are you familiar with mortgage backed securities?

Let's not forget the latest news.

I never said Democrats were blameless. You are so ideologically blinded that I don't think you believe what you write. Unless you are crazy, which is a distinct possiblity.

You have been smacked down!


Dirk Belligerent said... predictable and you are so busy trying to whitewash the liberal fascist Dems culpability for the economic crisis that you missed this little accident of candor buried in the midst of your fellow traveler's screeching about "repubs":

"But every bad loan here has two parents – one who agreed to borrow more than he should have with crazy conditions that assumed your house was a cash register and the other who agreed to lend the money, while looking past all of the traditional red flags to the profits generated by this bad business."

Well, DUH!!! The problem is that the coddled sheeple have been deluded into believing they're entitled to restitution for their own stupid decisions and since it's a cornerstone of politics that the more people who are dependent upon government means job security for the politicians who've enslaved them, there's little reason for things to return to sanity. The poor get their free cheese; the fat cats get their losses socialized (just as their profits were privatized); and the pols who game the system to steal our freedom and enrich themselves (Congress voted themselves a $4K raise today) and stay in power. Everyone wins...except the poor schmucks who exhibited thrift and lived within their means. They get NOTHING for doing the RIGHT THING! How long before they realize they're suckers and cross over to the moocher column?

In your defensive partisan rage, you seem to have ignored that I've said absolutely nothing positive about the Stupid Party, Dubya, Paulson or the rest of the sorry lot that you lazily accuse me of being "my guys." You are a Manichean asstackler who thinks that anyone who doesn't blindly suck the liberal fascist knob along with you must be a card-carrying member of the GOP and an enemy of the people. Of course, expecting a liberal to pay attention to facts is like expecting a poodle to be a good concert pianist, but considering the rampant corruption of the Dem party and royal oligarch enthusiasms, I guess such frenzied misdirection is all you have to distract from the fascist schemes the Dems have in mind.

Blah-blah-woof-woof. The sane and informed are on to you. Thanks for playing. Please step over here to pick up your consolation prize of Rice-o-Roni. kthxbai!

Anonymous said...

" predictable and you are so busy trying to whitewash the liberal fascist Dems"

Orly? Here is what I said:

"They are all scumbags with their hands in your pocket."

You are the one who blames only the Dems as if your Republican pals are blameless for this mess. That is my point. You claim you are non-partisan but you only focus on the Dems, thus revealing you bias and/or ignorance. End of story!

Dirk Belligerent said...

I swear, dear readers, that I do not post these anonymous comments in order to caricature the mouth-breathing lunacy of the diseased liberal mind. This is an actual liberal idiot living up to - and surpassing - the already low standards sane and intelligent people expect from the moonbat Left.

Bub, when you said "they are all scumbags...", you were clearly referring to Evil Corporate Executives, not making a bi-partisan condemnation. The fact that you would come back with such a transparent and puny attempt at misdirection in the wake of my genuine smackdown of Dubya and the Stupid Party shows how stupid you think everyone is and how delusional you are about your own rhetorical skills.

In the spirit of Christmas, no further comments of your inanity will be posted. You're simply making a fool of yourself and making your fellow travelers look like hapless sad sacks. You're welcome.