Saturday, October 06, 2007

Back To The Orchard It Goes

The battery concerns I've had since the 2nd day I've had my iPod Classic have come to a head and I filed a service complaint with Apple and they're sending a box for me to ship back my obviously defective unit for replacement.

After putting up with the intermittent self-pausing and craptastic battery life for a few weeks, it really showed me how much Steve Jobs thinks of the suckers who buy his defective crap by shedding 2/3rds of its power reserves after less than 4 hours of play. FTS!

Of the three iPods I've owned - a 10GB 2G, 40GB 4G, and this 80GB Classic - I've found the failure rate of iPods to be double that of the notorious X.B.O.X.3.6.0., but will the herds of Apple cultists aver acknowledge that? Yep, thought not.


Anonymous said...

Why not buy a Microsoft Zune then, fan boy? Or do they overheat like the Xbox 360?

Dirk Belligerent said...

Fanboy? Huh?!? Come on Alec, do I need to kick your ass here, too? I'm sorry your employment at Sony is such a drag on your self-esteem, but get stuffed, Bub.

I didn't buy a Zune because they are inferior to the iPod and I'd have to re-rip my CD collection because it doesn't play back AAC. (Just as Apple doesn't support WMA.) My beef is that for all their design acumen, Apple is lax in monitoring quality in their Chinese sweatshop factories.

You're a fanchimp, loser. I'm a smart user of technology. Buh-bye, now.

Anonymous said...

"I didn't buy a Zune because they are inferior to the iPod"

Thanks for playing!

Also, you shouldn't leave your Ipod in exteme heat, like next to an Xbox 360.

Dirk Belligerent said...

Bub, you're just as stupid here as you are there. Next time you want a whipping, call a dominatrix, weirdo.


Explanation to other readers: This joker is a regular at a message board I post at. He routinely embarrasses himself with rabid Sony fanchimp comments in response to my sober commentaries of Sony's massive failure with the Playstation 3. He thinks he's knocking me down, but he is so pitiful in his attempts to nip at my ankles, he embarrasses himself with logic-devoid burpings like the above comments.

I guess he thinks he's showing me up as an Xbox fanboy, but how can that be when I don't own a Zune? If I was a fanboy, shouldn't I have anything Micro$oft makes? (Note use of dollar sign. So l337!) When I adjudicate the M$ product as less satisfactory to the Apple product, he shouts "thanks for playing"? WTF is that about? Nothing this asstackler types makes the least bit of sense.

End of line.