Saturday, February 12, 2005

Truth-Seeking Blogosphere Bags Another MSM Trophy!

Partly because I've been busy and mostly because nothing super-solid has been available to comment upon, I haven't posted anything about the comments allegedly made by CNN chief news executive Eason Jordan in which he claimed that journalists were deliberately targeted for murder by the U.S. Military in Iraq.

Reports that he received great applause from the anti-American elements in the crowd at the Swiss summit he was participating were echoing around the blogosphere and diligently ignored by a MSM reeling from the fall of CBS/Dan Rather. Key to the story was the fact that no transcript and/or videotape of the panel was forthcoming, which fueled speculation that it was even worse for him and CNN than intitially imagined.

Well, he fell on his sword tonight, saying he was quitting to avoid tarnishing CNN's worthless credibility image, but still no tape of his REAL comments has surfaced.

The Kerry Spot on National Review Online has a great round-up leading to other round-ups, so dig in! It's a brand new day!

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Anonymous said...

Anybody have any links to Jeff Gannon's take on this story?