Monday, February 07, 2005

Catching up with recent current events....

Due to schedule conflicts, a whole lot of stuff went by unremarked upon when they happened, so I'm just going to give some snapshot comments on the last 10 days worth of happenings.

  • The Iraqi elections were an overwhelming success as the brave people of Iraq proved the liberal elites to be a herd of naysaying defeatists who'd rather see tyrants oppress their people forever than let Dubya have a success.
  • While the vote was wrapping up, the Feckless Crapweasel was on Meet The Press pronouncing failure and claiming to have supplied the Khmer Rouge with weapons which is either a total lie or admission of committing war crimes. If he'd been elected, it's a safe bet he would've postponed the elections to allow his masters in Europe and Al Queda to cheer on the further slaughter of American troops in order to confirm that we've got it coming. They used to shoot people like Kerry for treason. My how times change!
  • Compared to last year's snoozer, Dubya's State of the Union speech certainly SOUNDED nice, but any promises from the guy who didn't veto a single bill in his first term and exploded the deficit thru insane spending on bloating the Federal leviathan aren't worth much. Pile on the pointless obstructionist Dems and the Stupid Party who are cowed by the MSM and that's a recipe for nothing much to happen.
  • OTOH, if the best the Dems have is the thin, hypocritical gruel offered by Pelosi and Reid and intend to make Screamin' Howie Dean the DNC chair, the Stupid Party doesn't even need to do much to keep in control.
  • Super Bowl - Who cares other than Rush Limbaugh being able to call McNabb up to snicker?

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