Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

When film fans first heard about the new DVD format, they had two reactions:

1. Cool!

B. When's Star Wars coming out?

For a long time, the answer to the second question looked to be somewhere in 2006 as George Lucas said that he wanted to finish the prequels so that all six films would come out together and/or he was waiting for the hi-def blue laser DVD format to be introduced. Even as late as 2000, he'd only released the first four movies on VHS meaning that the man who was trying to drag cinema into the 21st Century with THX audio and digital cameras and projection was releasing his films on the worst format available. Eventually, he relented and put out Ep. 1 on DVD and EP. 2 followed the theatrical run by the normal period of time, but all along the geeky fanboys and plain old fans just wanted the Original Trilogy and great cheering was heard when it was finally announced to be coming out on Sept. 21, 2004.


The reviews have been quite positive and I'm thoroughly stoked about getting it except for one thing...

F*cking Amazon.com didn't ship my order until Sunday night. Farging bastages!!! It's floating around the UPS center in Maumee, OH and isn't slated for delivery until tomorrow! I had a meeting rescheduled specifically to allow for maximum Star Wars wallowage and Amazon has stranded me up the creek without a lightsaber!!!

It's bad enough that Hermione wimpered "But there's only two episodes left." in claiming the PimpVision for her ritualistic viewing of "Nip/F*ck" (as we call it), but add on top of that NO DAMN DVDs and this is an INTOLERABLE situation!!!! DIRK SMASH!!!!!!


I ended up dashing over to Beast Buy at 10 am to pick up a copy along with all the other geek losers. (There's a lot of us out there, so don't laugh - you may know one.) When the Amazon copy comes tomorrow, I'll just take it back to Beast Buy for a refund. Problem solved.

So, why the hysterics a few paragraphs up? Well, face it, to just grouse about a minor inconvenience is just so....typically bloggy. Need to punch it up, dontcha know?

May the Force be with you.


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